GeoRose – A Geological Rose Diagram Program

GeoRose 0.2.0 is released today. GeoRose is a standalone program, which can generate rose diagram without python dependency.

Currently it can:

  • 1. generate diagram of strike, dip and dip direction.
  • 2. export diagram as png format file.
  • 3. calculate strike from dip direction.

More functions will come soon. It is available at [wpdm_file id=5][wpdm_file id=8]

48 Replies to “GeoRose – A Geological Rose Diagram Program”

  1. Pls i have not been able to download the georose software. They always tell me interrupted download or damage media. Pls help me

  2. hello any one,
    i need to help because when i drawing rose diagramme i dont know how to appear symmetry of direction

  3. Is it possible to plot multiple populations of results? I’m trying to plot three sets of interlimb angles on one plot, with different colours for each. Changing the colour changes the colour of all the values, rather than just the ones im trying to highlight as a group. Also rearranging the circumferance values from 0 (West) – 180 (East) doesnt seem possible either? i’m displaying tightness of minor folds accross a large antiformal structure

  4. Is it possible to import or paste columns of data from excel? I tried tp paste a column of data and it all filled one cell in the table.

    1. Yes, you can copy and paste data from Excel. While pasting data, you just select the cell with single click instead of double click.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I am copying a column of direction data (n=178) representing current directions. I click once on the first cell in the Dip direction/Plunge column and then paste. All the data is going into one cell, not filling out 178 cells in a column. Please advise.

  5. Hi,

    I have a problem, because I clicked on the wrong default mode when I first opened the program and now I cannot change it. Several time I was trying do it by clink on: configure – default mode – structural geology rose diagram
    I get a communicate:
    To finish mode change, GeoRose needs to be closed and restarted.
    So I closed the program and opened one more time but nothing changed.

    Could you please give me any advice how to do it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

  6. Is it possible to construct a rose diagram from only 1 Azimuth direction? And how to you turn unidirectional/bidirectional percentages into a rose diagram?

  7. I wonder to know if it is possible (and how to make) a complete circle graph which represent orientations and lengths.
    That is, my data are lines of which I know their orientation (in degrees) and their length (in cm or mm). Is it possible to represent each line orientation in degrees on the outside circle and the length in cm/mm in the radius ?
    Thank you !

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