PyPile 0.2.0 Released

We are very happy to announce that PyPile 0.2.0 is released. In this release,

1. Multi-layered soil is considered.
2. A P multiplier is added to reduce P value in p-y curves in some use cases.
3. Lateral force and moment can be applied to pile head at the same time.
4. Pile rotation angle output along pile length is added.

[wpdm_file id=7]


5 Replies to “PyPile 0.2.0 Released”

  1. I can’t get it to open because it says items are missing from my computer and suggests I retry the download. I’ve done that several times.

      1. Thanks. It was a problem with updates on my computer. I’ve managed to open it now.
        Another question, though. When I set the deflection criterion and it has a successful run, the graphic display shows a head deflection in excess of the value entered as the criterion. Are the units on the graphic display (millimeters) shown correctly?

        1. Which deflection criterion? Do you mean the Deflection Tolerance (PyPile 0.2.2)? The deflection tolerance is not the max allowable deflection. It is a small value to help iteration convergence.

          1. Okay, Thanks. The program is a great tool. I appreciate your providing it to the public.

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