SoilStats 0.2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce SoilStats 0.2.0 is released. SoilStats is a tool to analyze gINT geotechnical borehole logs and provide statistical information of the soils. It will help engineers reduce geotechnical report preparation time significantly.

SoilStats 0.2.0 incorporates statistical analysis of water / moisture content, spt N value, pocket pen reading, soil layer thickness and depth, water level depth and Atterberg Limits. SoilStats is able to query soil information from multiple gINT files at the same time, and also can help engineers regroup soil layers for different summarization requirements.

In order to interpret the data correctly, SoilStats will require different data map files for gINT files generated with different templates. Currently there is one example gINT file with its associated data map file in the release bundle. To use SoilStats with your own gINT file, please send your typical gINT file to Yong Technology to create a data map file for you. Creating data map files is free of charge.

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