SoilStats 0.7.0 Released

I am happy to announce SoilStats 0.7.0 is released today.

There are three major improvements in this release:

  1. Data map file creator. Now users can create their own data map file with basic knowledge of SQL.
  2. Soil sample view. Users can check soil sample information in soil sample view, which is especially useful when users select samples for lab tests.
  3. User defined data extract and data query. With this function, users can extract or query any data set from data file and display in SoilStats.

In addition, borehole drilling date is presented for users in Coordinates and Dates tab.

Soil Samples
Data Map Creator

2 Replies to “SoilStats 0.7.0 Released”

  1. I’m interested in your SoilStats software. I am looking to manually enter profilers into excel for analysis. Is there a file I should use for the data entry. Is there a manual available?

    1. Please follow the steps below:
      1) Menu Settings->Data Map File->Add/Update->Select the datamap_soilstats_xlsx.sdm in the examples folder
      2) Copy SoilStats Xlsx Template.xlsx from the examples folder to your work folder and enter the data, using xlsx data.xlsx in the examples folder as an example.
      You can use Tools->Data Map file Creator to create your own data map file for your own file format. It may look like a bit intimidating at the beginning if you never used SQL before.
      Please let me know if you need to any help to create a data map file for your xlsx files or gINT files. No users manual available so far.

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