LEMSlope – A Free Slope Stability Analysis Program

I am so excited to release the first version of LEMSlope today. I believe LEMSlope will provide geotechnical engineers with new slope analysis experiences.

The initial motivation for creating LEMSlope is to have a declarative way to define the model geometry for slope analysis and free engineers from tedious geometry calculation, especially for design projects, in which many iterations of adjustment are required.

To ensure the declarative nature of model definition and maximize the flexibility, Python, as one of the most popular script languages in the world, is selected as the script language for LEMSlope. Many young engineers and student are familiar with Python. Even if you don’t know Python, the simplicity of the language should not steepen the learning curve too much.

Each analysis model, defined with the script, consists of one base case and one or many analysis cases. The analysis cases are based on the base case and modified with fill, excavation, phreatic surfaces, loads, and different materials.

The default script in the program should be able to provide users with a general idea about how the script structure looks like. Many example files are available in the example folder with the program package. The function cheat sheet in the program provides a list of all the modelling functions and associated function explanation.

Since this is the very first version, many functions are still in the todo list. If you think any functions need to be prioritized, please leave me a message or send me an email. Enjoy!

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