PyPile 0.9.0 Released

After some hard work, I am very happy that PyPile 0.9.0 is released today. There are several new features implemented in this release:

Reinforced Concrete Piles

Round piles and rectangular piles with reinforced concrete material are readily available for lateral pile analysis. Pile moment-curvature relationship graph also incorporated in this release.

Finned Pile

With the rapid growth of solar power industry, finned piles are used more and more to resist lateral loads. Finned piles are implemented in this release to help engineers quickly estimate the impact of the fins on the pile lateral resistance.

New JavaScript Editor

JavaScript is used as script language in PyPile to customize soil springs, pile materials, and pile geometry. A more elegant and powerful JavaScript editor is included in this release.

Predefined General Pile List

If some pile types are used on a daily basis, a predefined pile list will speed up the data entry process. In PyPile, a predefined pile list is saved in an Excel file and the list can be updated by users. Each pile class is saved in a separate sheet.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you would like to report any bugs.

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  1. Hi. This comment is just to let you know that your software is amazing and I am following you to see if you have published anything. Thanks for all!

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