PileLink is a pile foundation data management program, which encourages a standard approach to manage pile foundation data and exchange data between project management, pile installation and pile monitoring companies.

PileLink provides us with the ease of use of a graphical interface by combining the power of spread sheet and hardware graphics acceleration. It is an ideal tool for piling project progress monitoring and quality control.

PileLink has also been used in borehole drilling projects to track project progress.

PileLink is released under a Freeware License. You can download and use it for free for any purposes for an unlimited period of time. A simple example is included in the installation package.


● Whole site big picture presentation. Whole site piles layout can be viewed within a computer screen.
● Large data set handling. It can handle a large number of piles so that it can easily work on large projects.
● Dynamical pile state change. Pile state and related pile data can be updated at anytime.
● Installation progress visualization. It visualizes pile installation progress so that project progress can be easily monitored and quickly reported.
● Data exchange between different parties. Project management, pile installation and consulting companies will benefit from its easy data exchange and consistency checking.
● Distance-between-piles query. Distance query is very useful for consulting company to accept piles based on re-strikes or PDA tests.
● Easy and fast pile data query. Users can find a specific pile by Find dialog. It is just a click away.
● Zoom in and zoom out. Zoom in and zoom out give users the flexibility to view any interested areas.
● Data view in different modes. Filled circle or point modes meet requirements in difference situations.
● Customizable highlight rules. JavaScript highlight rules maximize the flexibility and capability to highlight interested piles.
● Data source was XLSX file. Data input within spread sheet programs and data file will be linked to PileLink. PileLink Can be configured to monitor linked external data file changes.

Below is a tutorial of PileLink 0.3.0:

4 thoughts on “PileLink

  1. Hello:
    I am trying to use the PileLink; however, I am having trouble to view pile location. Do you have any more tutorial available?
    Please let me know.

    With Regards,

    Khokan Debnath

    • Hi Khokan, Please make sure set the correct coordinates columns in the setting dialog. Could you send me your data and let me check?

    • Currently no. I personally use screen copy to report the results. I think I will make it available in next release. Any suggestion, please let me know.

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