PyPile 0.2.0 Released

We are very happy to announce that PyPile 0.2.0 is released. In this release,

1. Multi-layered soil is considered.
2. A P multiplier is added to reduce P value in p-y curves in some use cases.
3. Lateral force and moment can be applied to pile head at the same time.
4. Pile rotation angle output along pile length is added.


5 thoughts on “PyPile 0.2.0 Released

  1. I can’t get it to open because it says items are missing from my computer and suggests I retry the download. I’ve done that several times.

      • Thanks. It was a problem with updates on my computer. I’ve managed to open it now.
        Another question, though. When I set the deflection criterion and it has a successful run, the graphic display shows a head deflection in excess of the value entered as the criterion. Are the units on the graphic display (millimeters) shown correctly?

        • Which deflection criterion? Do you mean the Deflection Tolerance (PyPile 0.2.2)? The deflection tolerance is not the max allowable deflection. It is a small value to help iteration convergence.

          • Okay, Thanks. The program is a great tool. I appreciate your providing it to the public.

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