PyPile 0.4.0 Released

I am happy to announce PyPile 0.4.0 is released today.

With PyPile 0.4.0, users can analyze laterally loaded piles with: 1) axial pile head loads; 2) English units; 3) result graph export to svg, emf, pdf, and png formats; 4) more HP pile types; 5) some other minor improvements.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, recommendations, or bug reports. Thank you for your support!

PyPile - 0.4.0

4 thoughts on “PyPile 0.4.0 Released

  1. Hi,
    What is method of Interpretation of Modulus of sub grade Reaction and in case of property of sand what does K indicate?


    • Please refer to ANALYSIS OF SINGLE PILES UNDER LATERAL LOADING by Barry J. Heyer and Lymon C. Reese for the K value in Sand. PyPile 0.6.0 will be available in a couple of days and the suggested K value range will be shown beside the input dialog. API Sand will also be available in 0.6.0.

      Regarding the soil modulus of lateral reaction, PyPile 0.6.0 will show p-y curves along the soil profile and also show the p value along the pile based on the pile deflection.

  2. Hi,thank you for providing us such good software.

    I have a question on the way the PyPile dealing with vertical load. How does it decide the vertical distribution of axial force? Or does it just make it constant along depth?

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