ScheduleBoard is a resource and project scheduling software program. It is designed to let multiple users in a company request and assign resources for different projects. At the same time, users can also schedule their own projects and tasks and make their own notes.

Quick Start:

  1. Create account
    • Create account with new company information
      • Activate account with an activation code automatically sent by email
      • The user has Administrator right
      • The user can assign different right levels to other users
      • The user can manage resources and assign projects to resources
    • Or create account with existing company code
      • Activate account with an activation code automatically sent by email
      • The user’s right level has to be assigned by Administrator
      • The user’s user group has to be assigned by Administrator
  2. Create resources/resource groups
    • Administrator can create resources and resource groups. To make resources are assignable, resources should be assigned to resource groups
  3. Create user groups and assign user rights to new users and assign users to user groups
    • Administrator can create and edit user groups
    • The users registered with company code will show in the user list
    • Administrator should assign user right levels to new users and assign them to an existing user group
    • Users can only see the resource groups associated with related user groups
  4. Send request
    • Users at Administrator and Editor Levels can send resource requests for projects
  5. Assign Resource
    • Administrator can drag new resource requests to resources when requests presented in the new requests area

Main Features:

  • Request, assign and edit resources by multiple users in a company
  • Assign and edit resource timeoff
  • Assign and control multiple user right levels by Administrator
  • Schedule user’s own projects
  • Make user’s own notes
  • Mark and edit holidays
  • Open project folders
  • Archive resource requests and user projects
  • Modern and slick graphic user interface
  • Easy user registration and user management

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