PileLink 1.1.0 Released

I’m happy to announce that PileLink 1.1.0 has been released. The main focus for this release was performance, stability and usability.

New features are listed below:

  • More convenient find box;
  • Pile statistics;
  • Customizable point size;
  • Customizable┬álabel text font size;
  • Customizable┬álabel angles;
  • Scale bar added;
  • Only one diameter for all piles is possible.

PileLink 1.0.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of PileLink 1.0.0.

PileLink 1.0.0 greatly simplified the work procedure to manage pile foundation data. After version 0.3.0, two internal versions were developed and used in some projects. We found out that it would be better if we let PileLink focus on data visualization. Now PileLink 1.0.0 focuses on visualization functions and has totally transferred data editing functions to spreadsheet software, so that users can make use of the rich editing functions of those programs.

With PileLink 1.0.0, users will edit pile data with MS Excel or other spreadsheet software and save the data in Xlsx file. PileLink can link the Xlsx file and visualize the data. Once the linked external Xlsx data file is changed, PileLink will update the drawing to reflect the external changes automatically.

If users have experience with PileLink 0.3.0, they will find PileLink 1.0.0 will be much simpler. With the example included in the installation package, a new user could understand and start to use it within a couple of minutes.

Please note the file format of PileLink 1.0.0 is not compatible with that of previous versions. Before update to current version, please copy the data of previous versions to spreadsheet programs.

PileLink 0.3.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of PileLink 0.3.0. PileLink specializes in pile data management. Its original name is PointLink.

This version is a completely rewritten version. It is more user-friendly and stable. We have fixed a number of bugs and made a number of improvements. The features are detailed in the download page. We encourage all users to upgrade to this version.