Online Rose Diagram

No. Strike Dip Direction Dip

Dip Direction
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
  • To get output image, HTML 5 enabled brower is needed.
  • Raw data could be one or two columns.
  • Raw data columns could be separated by space, comma or tab.
  • Data can be copied from Excel or Openoffice Calc and directly pasted in input box
  • To save image, right click on image and click save image menu.

35 thoughts on “Online Rose Diagram

  1. Hi, I am Rizky.

    I am geology student. this is a nice and simple software, I used it for my thesis project and I acknowledge for this. Thanks A lot..

  2. Just a thought- It would be nice if you could change the color of some data plots. I am a geology grad student using this for my thesis and I was just noticing that it might be nice to do a color coordination for each separate paleoflow sample location. Otherwise it’s a great program!

  3. just one problem, if you input 180, your code changes it to 360 and 360 is not on the graph so it doesn’t get entered and 90 should be output as 270 rather than going of the edge of the graph

  4. Excellent app. I’m using it for my thesis. Thanks a lot!
    Can you send me the reference of this software? for my bibliography

    • Glad you liked it. Please use the following information for the reference:
      title = {Online Rose Diagram},
      author = {{Yong Technology Inc.}},
      address = {Edmonton, Canada},
      year = 2014,
      url = {}

  5. Hi,
    How can I change the color of each part of data section in rose diagram? The software has some ability like this or not?
    Thank you

    • Color is not able to be changed in this online app. The color can be changed in GeoRose, but cannot be changed to different color for each individual data section.

  6. Just an idea, you could have the option to allow the user to enter multiple angles within say a 15° difference rather than having to add each individual one separately, so the user could enter a grouped frequency one instead.

  7. Also another idea, I wanted to be able to enter bidirectional data into the graph could you make this possible in some way, i’m trying to input data regarding wave crests thanks

    • Working on my thesis as well. I agree with Alex. This would be perfect with a complete 360 view and the ability to input unimodal data, without the graph automatically adding 180 and displaying it. Thanks.

  8. Hello,

    I’m quite new to the concept of a rose diagram, so could you please help me with these questions of mine?
    In terms of the raw data placement as you’ve stated in the ‘Tips’ section,
    what raw data were you referring to? Do you put both the azimuth and dips down?

    Thank you.

  9. Nice Job! i measured the orientation of boulders, nice results, would be nice to have the possibility to show the mean orientation of all.

  10. Hi,
    This is a great website. I just need help with mirroring my image. My input is just strike values so I can only see one half of the circle.

  11. What does 1, 2, 3, 4 refer to on the graph? Also, what degree intervals are used to make such a frequency distribution for angles? Great job, by the way! Thanks.

    • 1, 2, 3, … are the frequency. 5 degree interval is used. If a better control is required, you can download GeoRose from the download page.

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