Frost1D is a one dimensional ground frost penetration analysis program. It is able to analyze multi-layered material with various temperature boundaries, convective boundaries and heat flux boundaries.

Both analytical solution for simple problems and numerical solution (finite difference method) for complex problems are available in Frost1D.

Frost1D includes four types of materials: built-in fine grained soil and coarse grained soil, general freezable material, and simple material.

Frost1D also has friendly data input user interface and convenient result graphs.

To Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users: If you cannot execute Frost1D, please

  • Keep your operation system updated
  • Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package (x86)
  • Delete msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll from Frost1D folder

Change log:

0.1.0 (2017-09-25)

+ analytical solution for a step change in surface temperature on uniform material
+ numerical solution for temperature boundary, convective boundary and heat flux boundary on multi-layer material
+ temperature boundaries: constant temperature or freezing/thawing index, sinusoildal temperature, step temperature, and piecewise straight line temperature
+ graphs: temperature profile, freezing/thawing front, and temperature variation at a certain depth
+ built-in fine grained soil and coarse grained soil thermal properties
+ general freezable material and simple material properties
+ pdf, svg and png image export

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