SoilStats is a software program designed for geotechnical engineers to generate borehole logs, summarize and visualize borehole data.

The database and borehole log templates of SoilStats are fully customizable to meet any requirements. SQLite database is used to store borehole data and Python is used to generate borehole log and visualization template, and provide related data.

Existing borehole data (Excel files, gINT files, etc.), as long as they are able to be read with Python directly or indirectly, can be imported to generate borehole logs or visualize the data with SoilStats. gINT file is converted into SQLite file internally in SoilStats provide access for Python. 

Borehole locations, associated borehole information, and soil stick logs can be exported as kmz file and visualized with Google Earth.

Please note that SoilStats 0.8 is not backward compatible with previous versions. If a datamap file was used to import gINT files for previous SoilStats versions, a new datamap file will be required to work with version 0.8.

If you are familiar with Python and SQLite, you are more than welcome to create your own datamap file and other templates. In the program folder, there is an example project and an default template, which should be able to provide you with some basics about how to customize the program for your projects. As a minimum, you should create a cope of the default template and replace the borehole log logo with your own logo image file.

Borehole Log generation

Fully customizable log template

Log template generated by Python script

SQLite database

Spreadsheet data input

Fully customizable table and associated data structure

Table structures specified with JSON 

Soil strata visualization based on depth or elevation

Select a specific soil type

User defined data summary tabs

Moisture content summary

SPT N values summary

Show soil sample depth, elevations

Show groundwater levels

Atterberg limits and any other laboratory results

Regroup soil names

Specify display colors for soils

3D borehole visualization

Link to borehole logs or pdf borehole logs

Vertical and borehole diameter scale settings

kmz file export

Borehole location and associated information

Soil stick logs

Batch coordinates conversion


Borehole stick logs along cross-sections