LEMSlope is a slope stability analysis program using traditional limit equilibrium method with slices. It takes advantage of the strength of Python script language and is able to sets up the analysis model parametrically. Python provides LEMSlope great flexibility and extensibility. Additional calculation and parameter control can be readily incorporated in the script.

Python Script Model Creation

Parametric Model Setup

Python Code Editor with Highlight

Code Completion Dropdown

DXF Geometry Import

Multiple Analysis Cases

SI/English Units

Command Line Execution

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Data Input

GUI Data Input Compatible with Python Script

Mouse Click to Assign Materials

Dynamic Left, Right, and Bottom Boundary Setup for Different Cases

Functions for Fill, Cut, Replacement, and Split

Geometry Modification with Embankments, Cut Throughs, Slopes, Polylines, and Horizontal Lines

Automatic Slope Slide Direction Determination

Concentrated Load

Distributed Load

Seismic Load

Fluid Load

Automatic Drive and Resistance Load Determination, 

Automatic Phreatic Surface

Spline Phreatic Surface

Polyline Phreatic Surface

Horizontal Phreatic Surface

B-Bar and ru Assignment

Geosynthetics Reinforcement

Soil Anchor and Soil Nail Reinforcement

Approximate Location Assignment and Automatic Boundary Detection

Mohr-Coulomb Material

Tau-over-SigmaV Material

JavaScript Function Material with Full Flexibility

Morgenstern-Price Method

Spencer Method

Bishop Method

Janbu Method

Ordinary Method

General Limit Equilibrium Graph

User Input Polyline Simplification

DXF Polyline Simplification

Lock Block Wall Design Extension

User Customized Extension

Draw Dimension

Draw Polyline

Draw Line

Draw Arrow

Draw Text

Draw Annotation

Handy Cheat Sheet with All Functions

Click Function Name to Insert Function to Python Editor

Click Question Mark to Show Explanation

Shortcut List

Function Explanation and Examples

Quick Geometry Model Export

FLAC grid generation