GeoRose is a rose diagram and stereonet plotting program, which can plot structural geology rose diagram, equal area and equal angle stereonet diagram.


  • Generate strike, dip direction and dip rose diagrams, and equal area and equal angle stereonet diagrams.
  • Export diagram in PNG, PDF, PS and SVG formats.
  • Complete diagram displaying control.
  • Support transparent background.
  • Calculate strike from dip direction.
  • Process both plane and lineation data
  • Polar net grid for stereonet diagram
  • Mouse coordinates tracking
  • Copy data from and to spread sheet.
  • Both Windows and Mac OS X versions available
  • Version 0.4.3 provides polar area diagram / Nightingale plot
  • It is FREE.

To cite GeoRose in publications, use

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Below is a short tutorial:

51 Replies to “GeoRose”

  1. How do you plot lineation data? I input trend and plunge data, noted Tag as “L”, but no rose diagram appears. Software needs a Help feature, it is not intuitive.

  2. Hi,

    A very useful little program for mapping, thank you. Have you considered adding the ability to select a row or rows and have those readings highlighted in the stereonet?

  3. hello,
    I have to plot a linear or 1 dimensional data i.e. the orientation of fractures or the trend of fractures, so I don’t have the values of dip
    . I only have the value of trend. I wanted to delte the dip direction option but I couldn’t.
    Can you help me out

  4. Thank you very much. This software is very easy to use. The function I like most is direct draw the data on circle while I am importing data. So I can check the data correct or not. Thank you

  5. Highly commendable, thanks for giving it free. However, Am stuggling with the file format to allow me have rose diagram saved.

  6. Many thanks for this, very useful!
    May I suggest an option to suppress the gridlines to the background?
    (they currently are in front of the depicted data)

  7. Is not a valid Win32 application error. on running. Would do well to indicate what versions of Windows this isn’t suitable for rather than just list “Windows”

    1. Joshua,
      If you install GeoRose properly, open it and type your data in or copy your data from spreadsheet and paste it to the left side table. The diagram should show up once there is data feeding.
      You can switch drawing modes by clicking the three buttons above the drawing canvas.
      To change the appearance of the diagram, you will have to configure it by using configure dialog, which can be found in configure menu.

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