BSTunnelLining is a segmental tunnel lining analysis software program. The segments, joints, and surrounding ground are simulated with beams and springs using finite element method. BSTunnelLining can be used to analyze multi-ring segmental tunnel lining under arbitrary distributed and concentrated loadings. It presents the tunnel lining model and finite element model in 2D and 3D views.

It has built-in longitudinal coupled joint springs, circumferential point-point and line-line joint springs, ground normal and tangential springs. The coupled joint spring can be used to couple the joint shear stiffness or rotational stiffness with spring compression force. The joint springs can be fully customized with JavaScript functions to meet various nonlinear requirements. The ground springs and circumferential line-line springs are springs distributed along the full length of the associated beam elements, not those only on the element nodes. The ground normal springs are compression only.

BSTunnelLining presents the analysis results in the format of graphs and data tables. The graphs can be directly export to svg, png, and pdf file format. The data tables can be directly used in spread sheets. The results include segment moment, axial force, shear force, deformation, ground reaction, joint deformation and force and moment, and normal and tangential loads presentation.

BSTunnelLining 2D Model
BSTunnelLining 3D Model
BSTunnelLining 2D Moment
BSTunnelLining 3D Moment
BSTunnelLining Moment

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  1. Big pleasure mr Yong.
    This act’s very useful and too kind for developing countries students such as Mongolia. We have economical problems, and any more other. Thank you once again.
    I will wait manual with big pleasure.

  2. Hey
    I am an engineering teacher in UFFS-Brazil, I would like this software for education in civil engineering mainly for tunnel simulation in geological engineering.

    1. I am preparing the graphical user interface. It should be ready in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your interest.

      1. Hi Yong

        User interface (manual) will be more effective to use your products. I’m would be like to ask permission use some programs for my class for civil engineering specially highway construction students in Mongolia.

        Sincerely yours,
        Bold Buyankhishig
        Associate Prof.
        Civil Engineering and Architecture school of
        Mongolian University of Science and Technology

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