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  1. Bo

    Can you recommend a resource you followed to write the software? I am interested in the finite element part of a circular beam with springs.

    1. Yong

      Hi Bo, I don’t have particular resource for the finite element part. The circular beam is simulated with small pieces of straight beams instead of true circular beam. You should be able to find out the straight beam column in any finite element books.

  2. Derek

    Hi. Would you mind detailing what does the software use as theoretical background?

    1. Yong

      Hi Derek, the software uses beam columns and springs to simulate tunnel lining. Normal and tangential springs are attached on the beams to simulate soil response. Circumferential and longitudinal springs are used to link the segments of segmental tunnel lining. Earth load and water load need to be applied by users.

      The basic calculation procedure can be found in ITA’s “Guidelines for the Design of Shield Tunnel Lining”.
      If you would like to use the built-in arching effects estimation, you can find details about arching effects in Hsien-Jen Tien (1990) “A Literature Study of the Arching Effect”.

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