SoilStats provides an intuitive way to analyze geotechnical borehole logs in gINT format, MDB format and XLSX format. It automates data summarization and borehole visualization. SoilStats provides engineers with an innovative way to significantly reduce geotechnical report preparation time.

Flexible data map mechanism allows SoilStats to be able to analyze different gINT files generated with different templates, MDB files and XLSX (Excel spreadsheet) files input manually or exported from other borehole log software in the market.

Borehole log input and generation are coming soon…

Borehole Log generation

Fully customizable log template

Coming soon…

Spreadsheet data input

Fully customizable table and associated data structure

Coming soon…

Soil Strata Visualization Based on Depth or Elevation

Soil Layer Regroup

Water / Moisture Content Analysis

SPT N Value Analysis

SPT N Value Estimate Based on Depth Range

Sample View to Check Sample Info

gINT, MDB and XLSX Files Reading

3D Borehole Visualization