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  1. CRO

    How do I get an English version?

    1. Yong

      Menu Model->Units->English Units

  2. BD

    Can you describe a little bit on the platforms you use to code this beautiful softwares? They are so good looking.

    1. Yong

      Thanks. The program was written with C++ and Qt.

  3. KHY

    When i run the analysis for PY curves, the software straight away shut down, May i know why and how to solve it ?

    1. Yong

      Please try version Please let me know if the problem persists.

  4. Levy Enore

    does PY pile have a geotechnical reduction factor applied? or can we edit the geotech reduction factors?

    1. Yong

      Hi Levy, no additional geotechnical resistance factor is introduced in PyPile. Or a geotechnical resistance factor of 1 is assumed. You can let me know what your case is and see if anything can be done to consider the geotechnical reduction factor you mentioned.

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